​Rui Soares Costa (b. 1981) has a background in the intersection of art and science. He was trained as a visual artist and scientist. He studied Painting at Ar.Co, Lisbon during which time he graduated in Social Psychology. Rui later pursued his post graduate education between Portugal and the US. Since 2013 he has been working exclusively as a visual artist. Currently living and working in Lisbon, Portugal.

Between 2000 and 2003 Rui studied Painting at Ar.Co, Lisbon. During that time he pursued a degree in Social Psychology at ISPA, Lisbon (2005). In 2009 he obtained a PhD in Social Psychology from ISCTE, Lisbon and the University of California, Davis. During the next three years Rui was a post doctoral fellow in Social Neuroscience between the University of Lisbon and Princeton University, NJ. Rui has been supported by numerous grants and awards from public and private institutions in Portugal, US and UK. He was awarded a four year PhD grant and a three year Post-Doc grant from the Foundation for Science and Technology, Portugal; a Visiting Scholar grant by Alexander Todorov, Princeton University, US, and several travel awards by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Portugal and the INCORE, UK.   

His artistic work derives from his education as a researcher and his area of expertise. He has long been interested in cognitive processes like person perception and memory, as well as cognitive neuroscience. Rui brings a set of knowledge, tools, methods and mechanisms from an array of fields and domains into his practice as a visual artist. He combines it with influences from contemporary music, literature and cinema.

Rui is represented by the Salgadeiras Gallery in Lisbon, Portugal since 2017 and by the sala 117 Gallery in Porto, Portugal since 2018. 


2012 - Post-Doc, Social Neuroscience, Faculty of Psychology, University of Lisbon / Princeton University, NJ

2009 - PhD, Social Psychology, ISCTE, Lisbon / University of California, Davis

2005 - B.A., Psychology, ISPA, Lisbon

2003 - Painting, Ar.Co, Lisbon


​2019, Não acontece este esqueleto dançar / (Un)dancing skeleton, sala 117 Gallery, Porto, PT

​2019, Estes pés só pisam vento / Walking the wind, Salgadeiras Gallery, Lisbon, PT

2018, Honey Series, Geological Museum, Lisbon, PT

2017, Lifeline Series, Salgadeiras Gallery, Lisbon, PT

2017, Winter Series, Palácio da Quinta da Piedade, Póvoa de Santa Iria, PT

2016, Sweet Series, National Museum of Natural History and Science, Lisbon, PT


​​2019, Ater (with Winter Series), Salgadeiras Gallery, Lisbon, PT

2018, Quando o tacto se faz contacto (with Lifeline Series), sala 117 Gallery, Porto, PT (curated by Hugo Dinis)

2016, Utopia Today (with Lifeline Series), Abílio Museum, Óbidos, PT - FOLIO '16 (curated by Ana Matos)


2011/12 - Visiting Scholar, Alexander Todorov, Princeton University, US

2010 - INCORE travel grant, INCORE, UK

2010 - INCORE bursary, INCORE, UK

2009 - Post-Doc Grant, Foundation for Science and Technology, Portugal

2008 - Travel Award, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Portugal

2005 - PhD Grant, Foundation for Science and Technology, Portugal

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