In Lifeline Series Rui Soares Costa presents his most recent drawings as if reproducing the movements of a seismograph. Yet, instead of recording earthquakes, these drawings display and register the biorhythmic variations of a human body, his own. Hundreds of lines, each a rendering of a certain moment in life, tend to come closer without ever touching one another, bringing out, when we observe the totality of it, a vibratory perception of the drawing. Portraits of particular moments in an apparent paradox between the abstract and the – in this case geometric – figurative.

There are countless relationships between Drawing and Philosophy that are supported by the intention of revealing the Essence. This intention is also present in the Lifeline Series and in the ways Rui Soares Costa approaches the artistic process and tries to make sense of the World, Man, and Humankind. The line, the simplest form of gesture, drawn with a pen of almost non-existent expression, the bodily behaviour we can read from that line, the tension between body and cognition, the thought underlying these almost straight lines, that are, by definition, looking for the shortest way, the time we sense was spent drawing, all these lead yet to other explorations of a more aesthetic, scientific or philosophical nature.

We borrow from artist Almada Negreiros to challenge the viewer to observe these “lines of life”: “The eyes are meant to see, and what the eyes see only the drawing will know.”

Ana Matos
September 2017 

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