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         OLHO DE BOI - the work of Rui Soares Costa seen

         by Tiago Casanova

Olho de Boi started as a project of a catalogue for the exhibition Winter Series. It soon evolved into a book in itself, an autonomous project that gravitates around the work of Rui Soares Costa with fire on plywood. Tiago Casanova's photos capture this series in the context of Rui's studio in Olho de Boi.

All copies are numbered and signed by Tiago Casanova and Rui Soares Costa

                    works: rui soares costa

                    photographs: tiago casanova

                    conversation: ana matos and rui soares costa

                    concept and editing: tiago casanova and rui soares costa

                    design: tiago casanova and marisa martins

                    printing: xyz books

                    cover printing: gráfica maiadouro

                    binding: estúdio bulhufas

                    original soundtrack: andré gonçalves

                    edition: 150 copies (75 portuguese / 75 english)

                    isbn: 978 989 99063 6 5​

                    60 pages​

                    25,5 x 18 cm​


                    cd: winter series soundtrack​

                    handmade binding​

                    © 2017 tiago casanova for the photographs
                    ​© 2017 ana matos and rui soares costa for the texts

                    ​© 2017 andré gonçalves for the soundtrack

                    ​© 2017 rui soares costa for this edition